Friday, November 14, 2014

November Snow

 I was right. Sort of.

Nothing as bad as the storm that hit the mid-west but a lot more than the little taste we got last week, Oh well, here we go again. Slushy roads, grimy cars, shovelling....
  Of course a lot of people are very excited because deer season starts properly tomorrow (until now it's just been bows and arrows). The local paper is saying it will be nice and easy for the hunters as they can follow the deer tracks in the snow - and see the creatures better. Not very sporting, I say. Though I do have mixed feelings. The two thornless blackberry bushes are already looking a lot smaller than they were. Thornless blackberry bushes + hungry deer =  BIG mistake.  I have now rigged up a sort of Fort Knox around them with deer (sic) netting though I don't think it'll do much good. The deer are far too wily for that. Still, I insist on not letting the brutes get the better of me. I and the blackberry bushes will go down fighting.

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