Thursday, October 8, 2015

Autumn Comes to the Jungle

 And everything has its own beauty.

After being away for a while, I didn't know what I'd find but the "mums" in the whisky barrels were still looking good.

And a few of these irrepressible chaps were still flowering.

As were the hardy hydrangeas.

 At the back, these fellas were still greenish..

Now this has got to win a prize for the most artistic fallen maple leaf.

Funny and fuzzy in the wildflower garden.


The trailing vines from the hanging baskets may look a bit rusty..

But the chirpy petunias insist on holding their own.

Amazingly, we haven't had a frost yet.

But as always this time of year, the golden carpet is back, spread out under the maple tree. (In the background, the deer-guzzled arborvitae still look like shorn poodles..)

Now for a walk up the lane...

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