Thursday, October 22, 2015

Road Trip: Through Golden Pennsylvania

The October road trip down to Florida with sister-in-law started on a foggy morning, a frosting on the grass and the scarlet-and-gold leaves peering through the mist until the sun gradually broke through. This was a typical road....

With the typical fellow-traveller you don't want to get stuck behind...

In a little place called Lucinda, the pretty St Joseph's Church...

With an autumnal graveyard

A nice lunch spot in Fredericktown by the unpronounceable Monongahela River.

Not so much colour in these hills - we were already further south.

A man walked by with a tiny yorkie and I checked out the tiny library. The librarian mentioned it had been a coal-mining town but no more. The story of many places in this part of the world and it's likely to get  bleaker for them in the future.

Though we were to see plenty of mine-workings on our route and endless coal trains slowly rumbling by. Somehow they didn't scar the beautiful scenery but seemed a part of it.

Those fish get everywhere.

As do the omnipresent warning signs.

I wouldn't dream of it...         Coming up: A night on a haunted island

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