Saturday, October 17, 2015

New Developments on the Lane

I just noticed that the neighbours' guard deer has had facial reconstruction.

Here's a reminder of what he looked like before  - now, happily, he no longer looks like a walrus. Note the reflector on his nose, which I am guessing may be there to avert another accident the likes of which tragically disfigured him in the first place. Meanwhile I'm waiting to see what kind of headgear he gets next.

Further along, a less welcome sight. Someone appears to be building a new house in the woods but they are not very polite.

Though, perhaps, I'm being a little British about this. "Keep Out" is a commonly used expression around here, as in the official sign at the Post Office,

"All  Others Keep Out." In many cases, I find Americans to be more wordy than the British but not in this.

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