Thursday, November 30, 2017

Moonlight on Golden Beach

 One day, soon after we arrived, I woke up early, the moon still up and headed for the beach.

The sky started to lighten as I walked past the big palm trees - they're more used to people coming out to watch the sunset

Then out to the water, where, in one direction, the sky was lightening 

 In the other, the moon with its ghostly silver trail

The familiar spiky trees against the dawn

The birds already out and foraging

In the distance, the fishing pier still standing despite Irma's best efforts

The sun was rising over the airport

But this was something new - a building site where there used to be jungle. The inevitable march of the property developer.

The likely swamp now looks much tamer - with an empty field beside it, shortly to be filled with samey, sorry, desirable new houses. That's Florida these days.

But it was still good to be back.

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