Wednesday, November 22, 2017

On the Road: Okefenokee Scenic Drive

 Another Okefenokee swamp-dweller enjoyed the view

Since we didn't have time for boat trips and other adventures, we repaired to another part of the swamp a bit further south, for a short scenic drive.

And swamps really are surprisingly scenic. Here was another interesting sign

You'd think no one would be fool enough but you never know. I've heard stories of people chucking Kentucky fried chicken off bridges just to see what happens.
Safer to stick with the pretty purple flowers.

 And the billowing grasses

The bare trees, some of them blackened were signs of the huge fires that periodically sweep through. Even swamps aren't immune but somehow nature incorporates it and comes back stronger.

The chaps with the red patches on their heads were sandhill cranes. I thought there were rare but on this particular day we seemed to see them everywhere. Hard to photograph, though.

 Okefenokee - the same suggested fun and fright but there was something serene about it.

 The great swamp straddles the border between Georgia and Florida. We didn't have that much more travelling to do.

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