Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Americans Love a Royal

 That's no great secret I suppose but I can certainly corroborate it. Back at the time of William and Kate's nuptials, one friend asked for the day off work so she could host a "Royal Wedding Party". (Of course, in Western NY, that meant getting up extremely early.)
  Now in London and having flown into the sad aftershock of the Kate acute morning sickness affair turning into the poor nurse prank victim affair, I can assure my British friends that Americans are covering every angle.  At the weekend, hubby and I met up with a good friend, who's a prominent Ob/Gyn in Buffalo. (That means obstetrician-and gynaecologist in Americanese and American doctors tend to be both in one. It's pronounced Ohbeegeewhyenn, which, being almost as much of a mouthful as the full expression, seems a little pointless. I say Obbgine myself, but that's not correct.)  Anyway, this friend was looking more than usually sleepless and said he'd been harrassed over the last couple of days by every TV and radio station and newspaper in Buffalo to pronounce on the health of the Duchess of Cambridge. He was even asked to appear on a chat show.  He had declined all the invitations as he already had more than enough to do, with all the babies wanting to show up in time to get their Christmas-I-Mean-Holiday presents. He had instead delegated the happy task to a hapless junior.  I still had to ask him, "Is she going to be OK?" 
"Yes", he said wearily, probably for the umpteenth time.

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