Monday, December 10, 2012

Flying Fantasies

Some of the things an exile in rural America dreams about when whiling away an overnight flight to London.

Christmas shopping where there's actually something to buy, even if it costs three times as much (incidentally, did you know that Boots No 7 is actually cheaper bought at Target in Buffalo?)
Catching a bus, ideally one of the few Routemasters still left.
Marks and Spencer
Pub lunches
Slightly warmer weather
Happy (not Merry) Christmas
Happy Christmas not Happy Holidays
Father Christmas (not Santa Claus)
Seeing the word "Favourite" spelt with a "u"
Shops saying "Order Your Turkey Now" in December, not November
and most of all:
Proper British bangers sizzled the old-fashioned way in a frying pan, till they're bursting on the inside and burnt on the outside and so hot that, being too impatient to wait, you burn the roof of your mouth. Guess what I had for supper?
But wouldn't you know, it's warmer in Western NY than it is here.

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