Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Palm Tree Gets a Haircut

Dateline Venice, Florida and it's 80 degrees today. Hooray. I don't care that the snow's melting up north. I'd still rather be here.
  I was puzzled to see a man on a cherry-picker rising up to the topknot of one of the tall downtown palm trees. He was obviously there on official business and doing some maintenance, in this case, giving the tree a haircut.  I watched, mesmerised, as he trimmed and snipped, then gave the palm the full salon treatment, shaving the rough bark from its trunk. I fully expected him to produce a giant mirror and say, "How does it look, Ma'am".

 There are more kinds of palm tree here than you can shake a stick at. The oddest one I've seen is called a ponytail palm and the specimen in the park certainly looks as though it's having a bad hair day. It could do with the ministrations of my cherry-picker friend.

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