Monday, January 28, 2013

Antique Auto Antics

 We legged it down to Venice Airport for the antique (sic) car show.  Pretty well anything over 25 years old is an antique car in America, so our expectations were limited.   But we were not disappointed. Far from it......

Awestruck spectators.....

...admiring the neat little touches.

Some cars gave away their age.

Others didn't need to.

There were fins galore....

And all the colours under the sun...


....venerable marques.....

......and celebrities.

Even the drinks came vintage style.

For some it was just too much

Though help was on hand

And everyone seemed to have a good time

It;s the first time the Devereaux-Kaiser Antique Car Show has taken place at Venice Airport.  What they didn't expect was that the world and his wife would show up, especially as it was free.   The queues for the restrooms, aka facilities, stretched half-way across Florida and judging by some of the comments, especially from the gals, heads are going to roll.
  Otherwise it was a great success, an all-American nostalgia fest as old-timers reminisced, "That's Aunt Mary's car!" or "My Grandpa had a Cadillac just like that one!"  Not everyone was enraptured though.  Someone, evidently a long-suffering spouse, was heard to grumble, "It's like watching paint dry."

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