Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pelican Plunges

Having deserted us for a while, during the toxic red tide, the pelicans are back. They flap along in convoy,  then suddenly stop and plunge - a little like WW2 doodlebugs, the signal for a spectacular splash into the sea. It's hard to catch them with a camera, or at any rate with my camera. A smaller seagull bobs on the water beside them, waiting to get the leftovers, just as the pelicans themselves hang around fishing piers and the herons around fishermen on the beaches.

 The pelicans are like a cabaret I can watch for hours, ugly birds but endearing.

So is his little clockwork friend.

Below, a rather erratic video. Watch at your own risk.

Meanwhile, outside the house where we're staying, a high-level conference is taking place.....

...accompanied by frenetic, high-pitched conversation. Obviously, they are all on Twitter.

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