Friday, January 25, 2013

Meeting the Neighbours

Just down the road, by the lake next to the dog beach.

I wonder which toothpaste he uses.

A nice pair of shoes - sorry, legs..

I'm amazed at the signs you see frequently in Florida, "Do not Feed the Alligators". Now who in their right mind would.... well, only in America.  My favourite Florida alligator story concerns a friend who moved down to a house in Jacksonville, on the east coast. The house backed into a canal and one morning, when she first arrived, she was out in the back garden playing  with her grandchildren, when she spied an enormous alligator sunning himself on the deck. She nearly jumped out of her skin, scooped up the grandchildren, ran hell for leather into the house, bolted the door and grabbed the phone to call the emergency services. 
 "How can I help you?" said a calm voice on the end of the line.
 "I'll say you can!" my friend screamed down the phone,  "There's a giant alligator on my deck! Like, GIANT, like fifteen feet long! What do I do?"  There was a slight pause, then the calm voice responded, "Is he bothering you, ma'am?"

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