Tuesday, April 8, 2014

And On Into Georgia

And a lovely little town called Thomasville.

Another of those American places with rather English-looking buildings.

Courtyards and alleys.

Ornate little houses.

And bigger houses.

Classical architecture

And even bigger houses.

Quaint, flat-fronted shops

And one of our last chances to see flowers before we headed back to winter.

There were some odd little shops. Here, a tobacconists.

With the obligatory Native American.

We looked in the window and take my word for it, the stuffed deer were, as the Americans say, awesome.

This perfect, scented blossoming tree graced a public building.

I am still trying to find out what it was.

This being Georgia, many of the shops were decorated with wreaths of cotton puffs

Restaurants offered southern dishes.

Children's boutiques had quaint Easter displays.

We met the South's most patient dog.

And speaking of decadence.......

There was only one problem. It was Sunday and the only thing open in the whole town was a Chinese restaurant. We had to be content with window-shopping. This is the Bible belt after all. And good on 'em.

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