Thursday, October 24, 2013

Annapolis Awash


Now sister-in-law and I, on our way south, really wanted to see Annapolis, Maryland, America's Dartmouth. But things didn't quite go to plan. For a start, the famous old Naval Academy town and state capital, with its quaint historic buildings, was packed to the gunnels with tourists, smart young cadets in trim uniforms, marching bands in kilts on their way to somewhere and cars, cars, cars. The one car park we could find charged 20 dollars - academic (sorry) since it was full anyway. So the only chance of a shot of Maryland's venerable state capitol was through the windscreen.

Likewise the picturesque houses.

And streets reminiscent of a London Mews.

So much for a quick tour of the Academy and a stroll around town.

 We did manage to park briefly and possibly illegally, to grab a coffee and a snack for lunch at the first place we saw. There were hot dogs inside.

(Chili on the left, Reheboth on the right...)

And cool dogs outside.

 Pubs, taverns and shoppes

 This house looked very nautical

We'll have to come back some less busy day, though I have my doubts that such a thing exists in Annapolis. Or on the other hand, perhaps there was a football match on and its's normally like the Marie Celeste. Oh well, such are the trials of road trips.

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