Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm All Right!

  It was a wonderfully balmy day today - it seems this is the warmest, sunniest, autumn we've had in ages. - and Hubby and I were ambling along the Allegany River trail, the river languid and hardly moving,

when we spied an apple tree. It was still covered in bright red apples and quite a few lying on the ground too.
  "What a pity", said hubby, "that no one's taking advantage of them."
  He spoke too soon - just at that moment, there was a crash and a large white tail doe who'd evidently been hoovering up the fruit, bustled passed us without so much as an "excuse me" and scarpered.
  "What a pity", I said, "I didn't get a picture".
  When we walked back, I took another look, just in case. And would you believe it, there she was again, bold as brass.  The apples were obviously too good to miss. She eyed us up haughtily,  "I'm all right!"

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