Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Golden Hills of Pennsylvania

  As sister-in-law and I commenced our drive down to Florida, we had cause to remember another Universal Truth. The best views and at this time of year the best leaf colours always happen when you're motoring along with cars in front and behind and no way to stop and take a picture. Still, we paused for a picnic at a sweet forested spot, with hardly anyone else there but us and autumn already chilling the air.

This was high up, somewhere near the Buchanan state forest, Buchanan being the chap who was President before the Civil War.
As always, Americans are anxious to help with suggestions.

As will streams the world over, I suppose.
 The wilds of Pennsylvania are eye-wateringly beautiful, with winding mountain roads, steep inclines with their runaway truck escape lanes and endless views over rolling, forested hills where bears and elk roam and there's no vsible habitation for miles. And this in the populous east, not the Wild West.

This is far from the best view we had but at least we could pull off and stop. You get the picture..

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