Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Wild WNY Sunset

  The heavy, humid, stormy weather reached its peak last night; there was a severe thunderstorm warning and we eyed the generator anxiously, especially as we've got guests staying. But it was a mild goodbye by local standards and this morning the air was cool and fresh at last.
 Last night's sunset was one of the most extraordinary I've seen, with light effects from brilliant white to scarlet, mingling with the billowing thunderclouds still hanging on -

I can't decide which one to choose - have 'em all.

I'm probably getting a reputation around these parts as a madwoman, driving up and down our lane, trying to do a tiny bit of justice to the spectacular display with my unsophisticated camera..

I must have turned round in the Five Mile Baptist Church car park at least three times, to go back up the lane and get just one more shot. Unfortunately it was wednesday night - church night - and the departing  worshippers could be forgiven for casting me some odd looks..

But it was worth it - I don't think we'll get a sunset like this again in a hurry...

But of course it was at its most beautiful along the Five Mile Road, where it's not easy to stop.

It was as bad as trying to get a pic of the leaves last autumn. You should see the ones that got away.

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