Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flowers and Flowers and More Flowers

Update: The clematis, one of my few gardening successes, currently adorning the sunny side of the garden shed, has insisted on being included. I waged a one-person war to save it from caterpillar speculators that couldn't find any more room on the oak leaves. When summer finally gets here, it's worth it.

The mountain laurel (above - a few weeks ago) was something I never saw before I came to WNY. It has  the most exquisite flowers. They live wild up in the wooded hills but our two stunted specimens have been regularly eaten by deer most winters, especially when I forget to put a net round them. But they struggle on.

Meanwhile multiflora roses (aka those !@#$$**! prickers) seem to have absolutely no natural enemies. They're beautiful for a couple of weeks in June and a pain in the neck the rest of the time, turning any untended parts of the garden into a Sleeping Beauty-style inpenetrable jungle. I swear they actually reach out and grab you as you try to fight your way past. It takes all sorts around here.

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