Monday, July 22, 2013

The Great Kate Baby Wait

 being over, I am again left wondering why the Americans bothered with their Revolution. There has been wall-to-wall coverage all day: "We're waiting for a major announcement from London". Although, as one commentator suggested, it's a nice change from arguing about George Zimmerman. (The expression in the title above was coined by Fox News, or at least that's where I heard it first.)
  CNN reflected the gravity of the matter by bringing in their international news supremo pundit, Christiane Amanpour, to stand outside Buckingham Palace and I've just listened to an earnest debate on who will be holding the baby when they leave hospital. (Stop Press: Hubby has come in on it and burst into hoots of laughter. Not every American is royal baby mad.)
  In a less illustrious publication, I noticed "Barack" at 200-1 in the betting for Baby Cambridge's name.
  It reminds me that, when Kate first suffered from morning sickness, our friend the obstetrician was dragged out of the delivery room (well not quite - he refused and delegated to a junior) by the massed ranks of the Buffalo media to give his view on whether she'd be OK. When I asked him privately what he thought, he wearily said "Yes". He'll be glad to have been correct. And so am I of course.

ps.  Americans might notice a deficiency in the baby announcement. American baby announcements always include the baby's length as well as weight. They'll be perplexed at this omission.

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