Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You Know Who You Are, Ma'am

   Hubby has related a sorry story. On the way home from a business meeting today, he drove through lots of Western New York villages. Near one of them, Java, (another of those local international names) he spied a farm stall with some likely-looking peaches and stopped to buy some. And very juicy they were too - my first decent ones of the season. I'm always amazed that peaches grow in Western New York, considering the hard winters.
  It was one of those stalls with an "honesty box" for putting your money in and mostly that works well around here. While he was there, the lady owner came out and told him that a woman had just stopped and made off with several bottles of maple syrup and other produce without having the decency to pay.  Apparently the security camera missed the car's number plate, but, said the lady, "It got a good look at her face".  I hope she sent the photo to the local paper. Farmers in these parts have enough trouble making ends meet without vile people like that to contend with. Well, if she, or whoever benefited from the maple syrup, happens to be reading this blog....

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