Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Bear! A Bear!

Well sorry, not quite. This is, according to hubby, called a Woolly Bear. Could it actually be a good caterpillar? Or at least a relatively harmless one? I am constantly seeing these small chaps crossing the road, taking their lives in their hands (or feet). They are a sign, as if we needed one, of impending winter. They appear in the autumn and literally freeze solid in the cold months, to emerge again in spring. Some say you can predict the length of the winter by the length of the copper-coloured part. Full disclosure: I took this photo last autumn. This fella's copper-coloured part was wide, which should mean a mild winter. Sort of right. It wasn't the worst winter I've had here but not the best either.
  Whatever, at this rate, it's probably the closest I'll ever come to seeing a bear.

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