Saturday, September 28, 2013

NBC (Spoil)Sports - PAH!

  ( Rant alert: Non-football fans look away now).
   A big thumbs down to NBC. In the old days, we had Fox Soccernet, which no one knew about, except the cognoscenti,  so those in the know could quietly enjoy all Man United's Premier League matches in America. That was one really good thing about living here. And they had two parallel channels, so if there were two big clashing games, they'd show both and you could choose. Then NBC Sports barged in and announced with a great fanfare that they'd now be showing the Premier League, or as they call it the EPL, matches and were sure that Americans would get very excited about them. Result: half the service we had before and today they're showing the Man City match! Don't they know there are far more Man United fans in America?  Yours disgruntedly. And yes I know I can watch online but it's not the same and you can't record it, if you're going to be out, which we are.

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