Monday, September 23, 2013

Who Needs Garlic When You've Got Elvis?

  Sadly, I can't bring news of this year's Cuba Garlic Festival - Cuba being a village to the east of us, not the fabled island. (Which, if it had a garlic festival, would be something worth travelling for.) No, Cuba is one of those Western New York places blessed with an exotic name, at which I frequently wonder. But it was raining so badly on Saturday that we reluctantly gave it a miss. However, what do they say about God closing a door and opening a window?
  The day after, we stumbled on something else. It was Rock n'Roll weekend at Ellicottville, our local ski resort and the most touristy place hereabouts. They are always dreaming up new things to keep the punters happy before it snows again.  As the strains of "Sealed With a Kiss" trilled through the Olde Wilde Weste village, we feasted on the car show.  Every man and his dog was there...

The red corner...

...the powder blue corner..

the sublime...
 ...the ridiculous..

 and the very very old (1904, apparently).  He's appropriately parked outside the Historical Museum, a nice example of American tautology.

 Here's my favourite 'vette, my car of choice, when I win the Powerball.

And some Harleys for good measure.

 A little embellishment goes a long way.

Now what are they all excited about?

Wow! It's Elvis!

He's singing "Hound Dog". I hope the chihuahua in the first photo enjoyed it.

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