Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring is Sprung

At least the crocuses have.

It's gone some way to cheer me up after the I did a tour of the back garden and realised the deer had stripped my baby rhododendron to its bare bones.  I have resorted to the "deer and rabbit repellent" (sic) which is made of dried blood and rotten eggs but a) it probably doesn't work and b) it's shutting the stable door (Americans say "barn door") after the horse has scarpered.
  Meanwhile at our neighbour's pond, all was quiet.

The two fat geese who'd been happily in residence flew off honking in alarm before I had a chance to take their picture.  The grass is still in its newly uncovered nakedness state - it's still a while before it'll start shooting up. The weeds will be there first. I can't be the only amateur gardener who puzzles why grass grows so well in flower beds but never in the lawn.

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