Monday, November 5, 2012

Weather Update: As Predicted......

This is how it starts. Days of rain, the odd bone-chilling gust of wind, greying skies, birds fluttering urgently around the feeder. Then the raindrops turn watery-white and soon a sugar coating frosts the fallen leaves on the lawn and the dying summer flowers.

At this time of year, the earth is still warm and the snow often melts almost as soon as it falls.

  The fear on the roads is not ice but the biggest scourge of the Western New York driver: salt. We cross our fingers that the over-eager snowplough drivers won't start revving up and pouring salt on the roads, the stuff that turns our cars into rust buckets in just a few years.

No one around here drives a fancy car, even if they can afford it, at least not in winter. Hubby is currently restoring his beloved  1960s Volvo 1800 sportscar. It's a few miles down the Interstate, having spanking new red leather upholstery put in. We have to move it to its winter quarters before the salting starts and we're gambling on tomorrow. Despite it being election day, the forecast is sunny. For now.

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