Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You Couldn't Make it Up

 Heard this one on good authority.  But first you need to know that American polling stations, or polling places, as they call them, have signs a few yards away saying, "No electioneering beyond this point". I saw one stuck in the grass outside a redundant church hall in town.
  Apparently a lady showed up to vote at a polling place yesterday morning and was refused admittance. She protested, demanding her rights. "You can't come in", said the jobsworth at the door, "Can't you see the sign? No electioneering."
  "But I'm not electioneering!"
  "Yes you are!"
  She started to get angry,
 "No I am not!"
  "Yes you are - you've got a candidate's name on your sweatshirt!"
  "It's not a candidate's name!"
  "Oh yes it is", said the jobsworth triumphantly. You've got Romney's name on your shirt. M.I.T. - see?
  "Yes", she yelled at him, "M.I.T. That's MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.

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