Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Tale of Two Trees

 Nice work when you can get it, especially on a cold day. Outside the village post office, a small crowd (a very small crowd - myself and a chap with nothing better to do) had gathered to watch what the man atop the cherry picker was up to.

   For once he wasn't fixing the electrics.  What he was doing was

chopping down a tree, or sections of one. Another example of Western New Yorkers amazingly going about their ordinary business where their British equivalents would down tools and run indoors at the first dusting of snow.  "At least it's not windy," observed the other onlooker.

I couldn't help but contrast it with my recent sight of a palm tree getting a haircut a couple of weeks ago in Florida.....

..... several climate zones away. (note their respective apparel). More evidence, if I needed it, of the sheer vastness of America.

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