Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bird Feeder Cabaret: Disney at the Woodpile

  Sun on patchy, frozen snow. Quiet and still outside, except for the whirr of little wings, as the chickadees launch themselves off the crabapple tree and onto the feeder....

  .. and the red squirrel's reappeared after a long time and is enjoying the leftovers.

He's not quite like our shy European ones, with their long ear-tufts. This one is quick, cheeky and resourceful. At least, this winter he doesn't seem to be tucking in to the white wicker chair, or indeed the phone line, as in the past.
  I haven't seen him for a while

Nor indeed my nemesis

But other trouble looms

 Yesterday, a neighbour was showing off, climbing the big maple.

Feigning, for now, a lack of interest. It's an ethical dilemma I wrestle with constantly - I think it's too cold for her this morning but I fear the birds shouldn't relax too much.          

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