Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WNY Rural Landmarks: The Sentry Box

 I wondered what these little wooden huts are, often to be seen at the end of people's drives - like this one, up our lane.

 Hubby enlightened me. The drives out here in the country are often very long and children waiting to catch the school bus need some shelter.  Or rather they did. The sentry boxes around our way look little-used and rather neglected.  There aren't as many children here as there used to be but I suspect the reason is also that they now get taken to school in their parents' luxury heated SUVs. And if they take the school bus and have to wait any length of time, their parents probably sue.
  Gone are the days when there used to be a one-room schoolhouse within walking distance of every child. They're still scattered around here, converted into houses, or left abandoned. Of course in those days, walking distance was defined as a mile or so. Did 'em good. No need for the First Lady to worry about childhood obesity. But the parents would probably sue.

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