Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Crooked Dick's Cattaraugus County Fan Club

   I was at the hairdressers' yesterday and guess who the gals were all talking about?  It seems stories of royalty and identifying 500 year old bones are far more interesting than raking over Beyonce and the horse commercial at the Super Bowl.
  "Get this," said one of the stylists, they found out who he was through DNA - one of his descendants, or one of his sister's descendants - how cool is that. And they're gonna bury him in this place - how do you pronounce it? Le..."
  "Leicester", I chimed in, "LESSTER"
   "Oh right, but waidaminute, you said he was a BAD guy? You mean like Henry the Eighth? Now HE was a bad guy!"
  "Well it depends whom you talk to of course.  Thomas More said he was a bad guy, so did Shakespeare but if you read this book 'The Daughter of Time' by Josephine Tey, well, she says he was framed."
  The stylist grabbed her diary and wrote it down, "I'm gonna read it."

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